Sunday, November 21, 2004

Suchu Dance-Roseburn-Review

This is my third review of suchu dance's Roseburn. I don't want to end up like the Miami critic who plagiarized himself, so I will try to say something fresh about this marvelous new work by Jennifer Wood.

All these years I have wondered what happened to my piano teacher who left my mother's house in a huff after announcing to her that she had never met four such unmusical children in her life. Jennifer Wood seems to be channeling my childhood piano teacher right down to her wardrobe in the character of Madame Olga, the former champion, and now head of the 75th Roseburn International Tableau Contest. Wood's Olga is even stranger than my piano teacher. Wood's accent captures the eastern European flavor from countries that don't seem to exist any longer. Wood spouts wisdom about the loud noise of "perfection's parties" that makes even less sense then what my piano teacher used to say to me to get me to practice. The text, way south of ridiculous, is fabulous.

How wonderful to see Wood back on stage where she belongs adding that touch of strangeness that makes an evening of suchu dance complete. I'd love to see Wood push her weird worlds a little further. She is half way there with Olga.

It seems Olga returns to host this mythical contest and Wood returns to the stage. As for my piano teacher, she, fortunately for the Galeota children and her own sanity, never returned.