Monday, May 30, 2005

Big Range Show the Range of Houston Dance

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Barnevelder’s Big Range Dance Festival swings into its third year with big ambitions. Travesty Dance Group premieres Karen Stoke’s much awaited new work, The Pronoun Pieces, along with works by fellow Travesty members, Rebecca Malcolm-Naib and Kimberly Karpanty.

Stoke’s large scale theatrical work, The Pronoun Pieces consists of five sections: She, He, You & I, We, and They. The Pronoun Pieces evokes a strange mythological world inhabited by mannequins and eccentric characters. The mannequins are ghost-like characters, perhaps reflecting the puppet like behavior in the world,” states Stokes. “It suggests elements of human nature, questioning repeating patterns of action and consequence. The audience is led from an initial sense of humor to a sense of a society gone wrong. If history repeats, then what have we learned.”

The festival opens on June 1st with the a Dance Gathering featuring 20 choreographers presenting 4 minute dances and the official launch of Dance Source Houston (a new dance service organization). Houston’s most established choreographers Roxanne Claire, Leslie Scates, Becky Valls, Jane Weiner, Lisa Gonzales, and Kathy Wood share an evening while young artists are featured in New Around at the JCC. Dance made for Video takes place at the Aurora Picture Show.

Big Range closes with its annual presentation of the “Buffy” Award, Houston’s only dance award, on June 18th. This year Chris Lidvall and Linda Phenix, prolific choreographers, dancers and founders of Chrysalis Dance Company, will be honored for their years of service to Houston dance. This year’s range boasts 45 choreographers harking from several places across the U. S.

The Big Range Dance Festival takes place from June 1-18 at Barnevelder and other venues. Travesty Dance Group performs on June 4, 5, 9, & 10th. Call 713-529-1819 or visit