Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dance Houston offers a sneak peek of what's to come for the Fall Dance Season

This is Ghost Crew from Dance Houston's Winter Formal. Pat Garrett of Ghost Crew crafts his hip-hop dances like stories and it works. Garrett spoke passionately at the post show Q & A about making Houston a destination dance city. Imagine people coming here instead of leaving. Amen Pat. Let's do it.

While the rest of you were watching Michael Phelps earn Gold Medal number #7 I was glued to another seat, at Dance Houston's City Wide Festival at Wortham Center. There was a good deal of dance to get excited about, and here's the good news, the show was like a teaser for events to come.

Revolve, the dance company that just keeps getting better, showed another Wes Veldink piece called Consequence. Veldink has this way of infusing his dances with movements that we have seen and done in our everyday life. It's a new, fresh jazz language, and aren't we ready for that? Read my Houston Chronicle preview on Veldink's collaboration with Revolve here.

Here's Revolve in Consequence of Sound, another Veldink piece.

Urban Souls, possibly Houston's newest dance company, made yet another impressive showing with Across the Waters, which dealt with the Darfur conflict. You can read my Houston Chronicle preview of this fine young company here. Be on the lookout for future performances.

In a stoke of programing genius Urban Souls' heart-wrenching piece was followed by the healing moves of Ad Deum in Libera, choreographed by Randall Flinn, which will be performed again at "A Weekend of Contemporary Dance" at Miller Outdoor Theatre. Get the whole scoop here.

Fly Crew performed Full Circle. My, they have grown in a year. Slick as ever, this group of now- teens, rocked the house with that shiny polish bestowed on them by Rhonda Valencia and former director Kathy Wood.

Dance of Asian America showed two sparkling pieces, Ladies of Dai and Penelope's Song. You can catch more on DAA in their upcoming show, "Splendid China III -Discovering China" on Oct 10 & 11 at Miller Outdoor Theatre.

Also on the festival program were Houston Dance Theatre, Irsan And Cami, Exhilaration EnCompassed Dance Company, Wyld Styl, Second Generation Dance Company and Sabor Mexico Theatrical Company. All in all, a big fun festival.