Saturday, September 17, 2005

FLY Lifts Spirits

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FLY Dance Company attracted 2,500 hip-hop enthusiasts to their recent concert at Miller Outdoor Theater on September 3rd. FLY has jumped on the national radar with a piece in The New York Times, performances as Jacob’s Pillow, Vail International Dance Festival, a tour of seven cities in Germany, and—their big event— performing at the Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors. What’s next for these guys? BAM?

On the home front, FLY performed at the Big Range Dance Festival, and conducted workshops at Spring Branch ISD and Big Brothers and Sisters. According to Mike Wood, FLY’s better half (Kathy Wood is FLY’s founder and choreographer), “FLY just had the busiest summer in its history. FLY’s reputation continues to grow through hard work, giving every presenter a professional job, and delighting new audiences everywhere it performs. For the first time in its short touring history, FLY is being contacted for festivals and other bookings before the annual booking conferences. The recent New York Times article has spurred interest from a significant number of presenters and one major TV show.”

The moves may look the same but some of the players have changed. FLY veteran, Isaac Barron, left the company to peruse other interests. New member, Isaac Armando Vargas, from Austin brings fresh break dance chops.

FLY performed TRIAD: Yellow, Blue, Red with renewed spunk and flair. FLY’s virtuosity was well matched by the Rumba Flamenca quartet, Garcia y Reyna. Special guests, the Morris Fifth Grade Dancers from Pasadena, TX, danced with verve beyond their tender years and were adorable to boot.

With a $125,000 grant from The Houston Endowment, you might say things are looking up for FLY. For those in Katrina’s path, FLY has offered two outreach performances.

FLY—we will be looking for you on Oprah.