Thursday, August 21, 2008


This is Patricia Martin, founder and author of RENGEN, Renaissance Generation.

A bunch of eager arts enthusiasts gathered on a stormy day inside HAA's cozy conference room to discuss how to snag the RenGen consumer. You know the person that likes indie movies, drinks cool Vodka, twitters, facebooks, buys organic loafers, cares about the earth, cleans with vinegar, and so on.

Martin came to Houston last spring and apparently made a huge splash. I missed it. Others that did think she's the OBAMA of arts marketing. So yesterday I became a hooplahunter for three hours. I left thinking I had better read the book. Went to an indie movie myself today in the burbs, 4 people, low RENGEN count.

You too can get up to RENGEN speed at Martin's website and her blog, Culture Scout.