Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Friendhunting on Facebook

Karen Stokes, Susan Schmaeling, Leslie Scates, Becky Valls
at DSH's Clear Skies Party
Photo by Catalina Molnari

It must have been national get on Facebook week for dancers. Check out these handsome babes at the DSH Clear Skies bash hosted by Christina Giannelli. DSH joined, along with yours truly, hence my journey from dancehunter to friendhunter.

The conversation went something like this. "I'm thinking of joining spacebook," I told my son. "That's a bad idea," he responded. "It's Facebook mom, not spacebook. Also, it's a huge time suck. You start out waisting time and then it just gets worse."

Being of the suspicious school of momhood, I wondered how much his reluctance had to do with ol' mom checkin in on his Facebook. "Not at all," said the little chap. Right. Apparently it's the social kiss of death to have your mom on Facebook. Too bad, kiddo. I'm on.

All's well with the little fella, we decided to remain mother and son as opposed to friends. Getting friends was a big worry. After all, as a critic my lifelong goal is to be popular. Lucky for me, I pressed the button that invited the entire universe to be my friend. All in all, not a bad way to go.

It's been a good week for Houston dance on the web. In addition to DSH getting facebooked, dance fan Toby Atkinson started a smart new blog, Out in the World.

Do check it out.